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Entry #1

Hi everyone!

2009-12-01 15:08:47 by Tifataf

Ok, so I haven't drawn anything in a while and I popped on here the other day and decided to check out the art... Amazing. It inspired me to get back into drawing after three years of not doing so. I then decided to make an account on here and post some stuff. I hope you all enjoy it!



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2009-12-01 23:53:53

great stuff. keep it up : )

Tifataf responds:

Thanks! =]


2009-12-14 19:23:17

Hehe woot, its not bad....but you thought of scanning in your images? But keep drawing id like to see a lot more from yooou ;)

Ooh also thanks for your comment on my Ichi pic ^.^

Tifataf responds:

No scanner. =[
Thinking of buying one now the January sales are on though.


2009-12-22 00:24:53

3 years? good luck with that! i cant draw after one week!