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Entry #2


2010-05-12 15:17:45 by Tifataf

Back after a few months off, I've been really busy. =[

I do have a scanner now though, woop! xD



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2010-05-12 15:45:16

That's good. Can't wait to see more art. Also, an artistic suggestion. We have enough Naruto/Bleach around the net. And that doesn't count Rule 34, 35, or any of the other rules for that matter. I would suggest something new, something original, unique. All it takes is a little imagination. =) Looking forward to talking to you sometime later! Do send me a PM sometime later. You sound like a rather intriguing person to chat with.

Tifataf responds:

I've got a few things knocking about that I've done but I'm never happy with them, hence why they've not been uploaded. When I'm happy I'll definitely upload them! =]